Top Wedding Bloggers of Spring 2017 - Part 5

The Budget Savvy Bride

The Budget Savvy Bride is an amazing wedding blog that shares ideas, products & inspiration for brides who want gorgeous weddings without breaking the bank. You can browse the site by budget and location, read blog posts filled with great wedding details, get coupons and more! The blog is run by Jessica, a weddings expert who is dedicated to helping brides-to-be plan fabulous weddings on a tight budget. If you’re getting married and don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding, you must check out The Budge Savvy Bride. There’s even a free e-book you can get, with tips on how to save money on your wedding. 

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Seattle Photographer Anya from Anya Storm Photography
Wedding blogger Jessica, from The Budget Savvy Bride


Q. How did you first get into wedding blogging? 

A. I started The Budget Savvy Bride while planning my own budget wedding in 2008. This was in the days pre-Pinterest, so there was nowhere to really go to get wedding inspiration that wasn't targeted towards a luxury bride. I started the blog to chronicle my own savvy wedding planning efforts, and it grew from there! 


Q. How would you describe your blogging style? 

A. We love sharing approachable and friendly content that inspires couples to do things themselves. We like to consider ourselves the trusted friend that you can come to with all your wedding planning questions, requests for sources, and so much more! We love to help our readers and seek to serve them as best we can!


Q. What's your favorite thing about blogging? 

A. I love helping other people and being a resource for those who may be struggling with various aspects of planning. It's a really rewarding job, and has presented some really amazing opportunities!


Q. How do you balance blogging with the rest of your life? 

A. I definitely feel like I'm always "on," but in a good way! I am constantly keeping my eyes peeled for products, resources, and helpful tools to aid our readers in their wedding planning efforts and beyond! I strive to take time for myself and to enjoy life with my family and friends, but I do tend to work a lot!


Q. What are your main goals this year? 

A. I’m currently in the process of outlining my first book! My goal is to get it submitted and accepted by a publisher this year.


Q. What inspires you? 

A. Travel, relaxation, and creativity! We need to recharge our batteries to get re-inspired and re-invigorated, so that's something I am trying to do more of these days!


Q. What has been your best advertising strategy? 

A. I’ve honestly never done any paid advertising. Our content is rock-solid and highly targeted, so we've always gotten a good amount of organic traffic from search engines and social platforms. Pinterest has been a huge traffic driver for us but it's all been organic, and I feel very lucky for that! It means our content is resonating with our audience!


Q. If you could give one piece of advice to a bride-to-be, what would it be?

A. Always set your budget before you even think about booking any vendors! If you want to make sure you don't overspend, you'll need to figure out how much you actually have to work with before you go spending a penny.


Q. What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

A. I think the thing I'm most proud of is turning my blog into a business! I'm not only able to spend my time doing work I love, but I've also been able to give part time work to some other fabulous ladies, so that feels really rewarding and special. 

Did you have a wedding on a budget? Are you planning a wedding and want to save some money? What are some of the things you did/are doing to stay within your budget for your wedding?


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